to other Gotoky users one to one or one to many​

  • Voice communication one-one
  • Voice Communication One-many
  • Vox 
  • Room monitor 


to all or selected Gotoky users

  • Send & Recieve texts for free
  • Private & Group messaging with other Gotoky(s) in range
  • Sharing location
  • Sharing GPS Coordinates


to other Gotoky users

  • Free, detailed offline maps of the whole world
  • Sharing locations
  • Location pinging
  • Direction and distance to other Gotoky
  • Sharing GPS Coordinates
  • Compass
  • Direct voice communication to selected Gotoky's user
  • Direct Text message
  • Location beacon notification

Location Beacon

Activate it if in distress or hurt

  • Activate Emergency location beacon to repeatedly
    send your GPS coordinates on all channels


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