06.01. 2016

Starupboothcamp HighTechXL, Unicorn,

Winners - 43 millions Eur

Gotoky has been voted by nearly 1500 visitors/ potential investors mostly/ on Demo day of Startupbootcamp HightTechXL to be the most promising startup of this generation and has received the award of "potential Unicorn". After Katja gave her Pitch about Gotoky product, business plan, market, financial forecast and the vision of the company Gotoky has "collected" 43 millions of Eur of virtual investment. Very happy! more ...

17.11. 2015

Final Prototyping

On November 5th we have received our final prototypes with all the working elements on the board. They are working great and on the field they performed as it was expected. But we still need to test some more things, like quick ageing, weather impact and more. So we’ll get back to you soon with some more news. Just to let you know we are on the right track to your delivery. Regards from Eindhoven, Nederlands.

06.07. 2015

Gotoky winner of Startupbootcamp HighTechXL

We are happy and proud to announce the Gotoky project is winner of final selection days for StartupBootCamp HighTechXL accelerator in Netherland. At final selection days they picked 10 finalist for the program out of 20 who attended the finale selection days in Eindhoven on July 29 and 30. The team of SBC scanned and checked around 15,000 projects all over the world and at the end they selected only 10 projects for the program. We are very happy and proud. Thank you SBC!

18.06. 2015

Prototype #2

We are definitely shrinking our Gotoky. We are presenting our second (smaller) prototype which already supports all the main features. The prototype was tested on the longest test range at 8.5 miles (14,7 km) for voice and data communication. And guess what … it was successful. :) 

16.03. 2015

At 13.7 km (8.5 miles)

On Saturday it was an amazing day for ‪#‎Gotoky‬ !!!
We went on »TEST mission« again and we reached magical, really magical 13.7 km (8.5 miles) from one hill (Saint Jost) to another hill (Smlednik)!!!
Everything is going great :)

01.03. 2015

At 7 km (4.35 miles )

Yesterday was a great day for our ‪#‎Gotoky‬ project. We finally found some time to put the pair of our first prototypes to the range test and we could clearly communicate by voice and text messaging over the mobile app on the distance of about 7 km (4.35 miles) (between Šmarna Gora hill peak and Hipodrom Ljubljana) without any mobile service. We have to tweak some settings and we are sure we'll reach even more distance. Until next field test ...

16.02. 2015

First Outdoor testing of Gotoky

Finally, the day has come. First outdoor testing of Gotoky. You can see our hard preparations for testing. Initial tests were on range 1.25 miles (2 km) in the city-city and 3.7 miles (6 km) city-periphery of the city. The results on both tests was excellent.

This week will try even further up to 6.2 miles (10 km). Fingers crossed :)

19.11. 2014

Gotoky after WebSummit

Whole team gathered in our office after WebSummit for report about the WebSummit. A lot happened in Dublin that means a lot of work for us. We split the tasks among team. So next Gotoky meeting is on December 1st and hopefully we'll have some great news four you.

06.11. 2014

Gotoky team did a great job on WebSummit

We are proud to say that we did really a great job on today's stand on WebSummit 2014. Our stand was all the time busy and we even got comments like "That's the best idea on Summit I saw in this 3 days". We are happy and even more sure that we are sailing into the right direction. We wish that the rest of our team were here with us - although it was a hard work, it was a the same time pleasurable and truly awarding at the end ;)

04.11. 2014

3D PRINT prototypes

The prototypes are proving that the concept idea for the form of the device which was inspired by the form of an antenna, the main and the most important part of it, was good. Gotoky is made out of plastic, with a soft-touch layer which allows a firm grip of the product, creates a good user experience and allows for more resistance to damage.

04.11. 2014

Finally Dublin

Part of the Gotoky team finally in Dublin and ready for the Summit.

02.11. 2014

Gotoky demo is ready

The Gotoky demo board is ready for presentation. Fully functional: sending messages, demo voice, navigation, compass ... Always on the last day :)

30.10. 2014

Thinking about ... Gotoky

This is the moment when we decided how gotoky will be assembled and consequently, what it will look like. And now, here you have it.

29.10. 2014

Testing our BT chip

First module/chip to test was the BlueTooth chip for connecting a smartphone with a BlueTooth chip to transmit data and voice to a transceiver. After the initial test we decided that our decision about BlueTooth was right. :)

29.10. 2014

Our first design

Whilst thinking about the design, the first thought we came to was to create some kind of flat cube with an external antenna with round edges.