Use your Smartphone without mobile network

FREE Talking

Talk over standard radio frequencies. One to one or one to many.

FREE Messaging

Send and receive text data for free, Private or Public messaging with Gotoky(s) on the selected channel.

FREE Navigating

Locate your friends on preloaded maps and navigate to them, or send your own GPS coordinates to others.

Location Beacon

In case of emergency you can active Emergency Location Beacon to repeatedly send your GPS coordinates and an emergency signal on all the channels

Be active with your Smartphone

  • While trekking, skiing or hiking.

  • While enjoying your best music performer in concert.

  • While exploring new cultures and cities abroad.

  • While in distress just activate the Emergency Location Beacon.

Gotoky is available for iOS 8+ and Android 4.4+ Smartphones

Pair your Gotoky with your Smartphone using BlueTooth. When Paired you can put your Gotoky in a pocket,
backpack or just hang on your bag or backpack.

Now you can track other Gotoky users and
communicate with them using just your Smartphone.


Gotoky apps for iOS 8+ and Android 4.4+ will be available online at the beginning of 2017.

Check how gotoky works.

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